"New laws enforced immediately" Compiled by Jessica Shepard

   With over 800 new laws in effect since Sept. 1, there’s a lot for local residents to wade through.
   Many of the laws will only impact a few while others affect a greater range of the population.
   Here’s a list of a few that are quickly being enforced:

  •     As of Sept.1 you must be 21 or older to purchase cigarettes, electronic cigarettes or tobacco products. 

   Local stores like Walgreens have already posted signs requiring a valid form of ID for checking a customer’s age prior to purchase.

  •     House Bill 1518 requires an age-18 requirement for the purchase of over-the-counter medicines containing the cough suppressant dextromethorphan, also known as DXM. 

   Studies show that DXM is used by some teens to get high. 
   More than a dozen other states, including New York and Florida, have banned the sale of the cough medicines to minors.

  •     House Bill 547 allows people in Texas to show digital images of hunting and fishing licenses. 

   That includes residents and non-residents alike. 
   This law allows licensees to use a photograph of their physical license to serve as verification of a valid license while hunting any game that doesn’t need a tag, like dove. 
   You must carry your physical license with you for deer and turkey hunts, and if you want to retain an oversized red drum since they require tags. 

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