"AT&T activist turns people’s heads" by: John Sample

      Again, the results of this observation are based on my extreme lack of patience and my recurring conspiracy theory that signal lights are timed more to aggravate drivers than to aid efficient traffic flow.
   So much for chicken little and the sky is falling. 
   The Dow is now just 2% below the record high levels hit in July. 
   Of more importance, the S&P 500 stock-index is doing even better. 
   This is all happening in a historically poor time of the year for equities. Go figure.
Beyond the fact that it is incredibly difficult to forecast where the stock market is headed in the short term, we now have to deal with Presidential tweets. 
   Last week the tweets bolstered the market. 
   Instead of escalating the tension, scheduled trade talks engendered optimism. 
   Moreover, the economic news appears to be better than many expected.
   If that wasn’t enough good news, bond yields rose stemming some of the concern over an in
verted yield curve. 
   This could very readily be a temporary reprieve, it does put the recession talk off of the front page.
   Finally, a huge investment in AT&T activist Elliot turned investors attention to financial analysis. 
   When someone spends billions Wall Street listens and possibly so should you. 
   Never forget the old phone company is much more these days. 
   By the way you get a very healthy dividend to boot. 
   Not so sure it is a value but not trading at a premium.

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