"Many superstitions align with this Friday the 13th" by: Jessica Shepard

   Originally, I had some nicely thought out and cohesive subject for this week’s column, but, thanks to some tech issues and switching between desktop computers – I’ve cobbled something else together.
   It’s not as awesome as I feel my first iteration went, but, it’s something still.
   Did you know that this week we’ve got a Friday the 13th and a full moon on the same day?
   According to the Farmers Almanac, the last time the U.S. saw a full moon on Friday the 13th was Oct. 13, 2000, and it won’t happen again until Aug. 13, 2049.
   NASA says that the best time to view the full moon is at 11:33 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 14.
   A lot of my friends are talking about staying in for the weekend due to some irrational fear of Friday the 13th.
   Even with only a little bit of Google searching and clicking around the internet, it’s weakly being described as a “bad luck” day.
   Apparently, it comes from the fear of the No. 13 in general and some cultures disdain for Friday itself.
   Personally, I think it’s just another day on the calendar even though the addition of having a full moon also makes it strange.
   Belief in the “lunar lunacy effect,” or “Transylvania effect,” comes from Europe through the Middle Ages, when humans were widely reputed to transmogrify into werewolves or vampires during a full moon.
   Even today many people think the mystical powers of the full moon induce erratic behaviors, psychiatric hospital admissions, suicides, homicides, emergency room calls, traffic accidents, fights at professional hockey games, dog bites and all manner of strange events.
   I can’t say that I agree with all of that, but I do notice that our pets are a little extra sensitive during a full moon.
   The rest seems unfounded and really the work of gossip, but, we’ll see what happens this weekend. 

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