"STP leads by training for every emergency" by: Mike Reddell

Sentinel photo/Mike Reddell
Center for Energy Development entrance with new and long-awaited STP logo.

   In a first among the nation’s nuclear plants, STP has become a leader in all-hazards emergency training.
   STP has long established Matagorda County’s emergency training in case of a situation at the nuclear plant.
   That training pays off in plant and community emergency drills and during the emergency response during Hurricane Harvey in 2017.
   “There are many other hazards out there,” Roger Aguilera, STP’s Manager of Plant Protection and Emergency Response, told those attending STP’s media day last week.
   Active shooter has become one of the top threats, Aguilera said, adding that he is working with Sheriff Skipper Osborne.
   Osborne later acknowledged the increased training with STP.

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