"A damp week leads to yearning for fall weather" by: Jessica Shepard

   So, we’ve got some rain in the forecast finally, along with loads of flood warnings.
   And while that is something to certainly celebrate this late in the summer, the rest of my internal monologue is only mildly annoyed.
   Can’t we invent some sort of weather machine to make it more of a deluge and spread the storm out over several weeks?
   Also, somewhat along the same vein, but can we have a wind machine of sorts to keep a good breeze going during the heat of the day?
   I mean, I’m not really complaining about anything but a minor inconvenience.
   But, isn’t that something we all fall prey to?
   I really only have to worry about my poor Ford Focus with flash flooding – especially in our low-lying areas.
   On the flip side, that means I get to take mom’s Jeep out if I need to run errands or go to interviews.
   And that’s definitely a bonus.
   The sunburned grass will no doubt be happier, too.
   It’s been a bit crunchy and brown as of late.
   Not to mention, with enough rain, we won’t have to worry about a burn ban or much of a drought.
   I think the only thing that will bother mom is the fact that it means we’ll have to keep fiddling with pool chemicals and trying to keep it from going shamrock green.
   While we’re on the topic of weather, anyone else loving the cooler temperatures once the sun goes down?
   It almost feels like fall out there!
   Unfortunately, it hasn’t dipped down enough to kill off mosquitos and I’m still getting attacked when I first set foot outside.
   There are less bugs to be sure, but, not enough less.
   And definitely not enough less to make me want to hang out watching the sunset for very long.
   Speaking of sunset reminds me of a perilous adventure my rescue cat had over the weekend.
   Late last Saturday night, Domino escaped when the full moon was out and no doubt thought it was the best idea she’s ever had.
   But, she’s been an inside cat almost her entire life and usually lasts only a few hours outside before crying to come in.
   After a few hours, I went to look for her on my way to bed, but, she didn’t turn up after two hours of searching.
   At midnight, there isn’t much more to do but wait her out.
   The next morning, mom and I looked for about 15 minutes before she started crying in my vicinity.
   I found her under the chicken coop, dirty and a little traumatized.
   After a bath, she’s been hovering as much as possible demanding pets, being held and attention; maybe she felt abandoned?
   With the huge owl hanging around, I’m just glad she was smart enough to find cover.
   Now, I’m just hoping the rain will help deter her from doing it again this week.1
   I mean, it doesn’t keep the chickens from free-ranging around the house and making all sorts of unhappy bird noises, but, they’re still out in the rain instead of in the coop, so, I don’t know what to do with that.
   After all, I don’t speak chicken or cat, just English with a dash of Spanish, Japanese and Pig Latin.   

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