"Expecting rainbows to continue - just like God’s promises to us" by: Betsy Monico

   Going back to last year. I sang a song all day long in my head from my childhood days at Lakeview Church Camp. 
   It talks about passing it on. I chose a particular dinner because someone passed on their delicious enchilada recipe to me. 
   “Pass it on” has been on my mind all day. I feel like I must pass the rainbow miracle on tonight. Here it goes:
Never in my life have I seen as many rainbows as last week. Our local community sure did need them. 
   Sometimes we need a miraculous sign in the sky that God is still with us, still on the throne, still can be trusted, and still is in control.  
   Sadly, I know it is not just my community either. 
   What is it about a rainbow that stops us in our tracks? They appear after a storm. 
   They splash a touch of indescribable color into a seemingly dark and gray sky. They superficially pop up out of nowhere. 
   Monet and Van Gogh took time to paint their masterpieces. 
   God, the ultimate Creator of all, needs no time to create a rainbow. They simply appear. 
   Rainbows originated with Noah and the promise God made about not flooding the earth again. 
   Rainbows began in Genesis. They are beautiful, so beautiful that words are incapable of doing them justice. 
   Genesis 9:16 says, “The rainbow shall be in the cloud, and I will look on it to remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth.” 
   For me, a rainbow equals a covenant, a promise. 
   There are over 3,000 promises in the Bible. 
   A good way to let them sink into your soul is to buy a God’s promises book, download one, or get an app. 
   Any version will serve as a reminder of what we are assured. You can purchase it on amazon, at CVS, or even at your local grocery store.  
   My love of rainbows goes way back. 
   Years ago when a group of women met for a Jesse Tree party, the rainbow ornament took center stage. 
   My friend shared how she reluctantly signed up for the rainbow and even hesitated to get the ball rolling…life was good, busy, and somewhat ordinary. 
   That same year, her Mom was diagnosed with cancer and moved from Texas to her eternal home in heaven. 
   Trips to MD Anderson were frequent, and they often spotted rainbows along I-45. 
   Within hours of her passing, a quick shower popped up and a double rainbow appeared over her home. 
   When the family traveled to Oklahoma for her memorial service, they saw one too.  
   She had no clue why she choose the rainbow initially.  
   With the help of the Lord a year later, she finished her ornament, shared one with us all, and honored her Mother and the LORD perfectly. 
   I sat at the Jesse Tree party that particular Sunday afternoon over in the corner. I was frazzled and my ornament showed it; however, the rainbow gave me a needed dose of hope, peace, and even acceptance. 
   Last week here, our loss here was heaven’s gain. We do not understand it. 
   We lost a precious 11 year old, but we know that he is with his Father in paradise. 
   I kept my distance from the family during this trying time, but my prayers were constant. Thoughts for them trumped my shopping lists, my desires, my wants. 
   The night Case officially entered heaven – a double rainbow appeared here in Steward’s Mill that was absolutely breathtaking. Rainbows were a constant all week. 
   I expect them to continue. I also expect God’s promises to hold us all tight. 

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