"Matthews’ 2 main goals from Bay City Friday: Discipline, execution" by: Mike Reddell

Sentinel photo/Mike Reddell
Blackcat running back Avery Smith gets some yardage on this play, part of the 60 yards rushing he had against GP.

   Blackcat Head Coach Patrick Matthews is doubling down on consistency and execution when Bay City travels to District 18-6A Westbury this Friday, Sept. 20. 
   While the Huskies (0-3) have struggled so far this season, Matthews said “They’re looking for a win just as we are.” 
   “The biggest thing for us is finding a way for this team to win,” the coach added.
   Bay City is coming off a 37-7 loss to 5A Gregory-Portland last Friday.
   “We need to play well. We haven’t played well since Cuero,” he said, explaining he was referring to the Blackcat defensive game Cuero.
   “Offensively, we’ve got to find a way to put it together. We need to find the right mix of people.
   “We haven’t established our identity as far as offense is concerned.”
   It all boils down to consistency and execution, he said.
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