"Strike on Saudi refineries puts markets on edge against puts world on edge" by: John Sample

   Just when you thought we were going to set new record highs in the equity indexes and average, a drone strike in Saudi Arabia’s oil refineries put the markets on edge and crude prices soaring. 
   It is remarkable how times have changed. 
   A decade ago this action would have a significantly negative impact on the US economy. 
   This attack will have an impact on the Pacific Rim where most of these countries import a vast majority of the oil from Saudi Arabia. 
   China has acknowledged such. 
   Moreover, no one knows if there will be any counter measures against Iran who has been accused to be the source of the drone attacks.
   If that wasn’t enough, the UAW has decided to go on strike against GM. 
   The Federal Reserve is going to meet this week which could mean another interest rate decrease. 
   The 10 year yield is holding at 1.8% after being as low as 1.4% only a couple of weeks before.   
   This disturbance in the energy sector will support more money headed toward the safety of US Treasuries, keeping the pressure on interest rates.
   Outside of all the geopolitical pressure, you have need that the head of Disney, Bob Iger, has stepped down from the board of Apple as the streaming wars keep heating up. 
   Apple announced it introduction of Apple TV. 
   Think of all the iPhone users that could stream from Apples original content. 
   Does this remind you of the concern many had years ago about Microsoft. Not to overlook current concerns about Amazon, Google and Facebook. 
   As much as the technology has changed we are still dealing with monopolistic tendencies.

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