"Trustees, Scott unhappy with delays" by: Mike Reddell

   Bay City school trustees said they were unhappy Bay City Junior High, Tenie Holmes Elementary and the new Memorial Stadium all are behind schedule.
   Trustees and Superintendent Dr. Marshall Scott III drove home their dissatisfaction about the school bond projects’ progress at the school board’s regular meeting Monday night, Sept. 16.
   Aside from a “politically correct” answer about Memorial Stadium’s construction, Scott asked, “We won’t playing any games there this year.
   “My concern is every single project is coming in late. Sports are important for people.
   “You could have been more honest,” Scott said to Francis Zordilla, an architect with Claycomb Associates Architects.
   Noting the stadium and Tenie Holmes’ delays, Scott said those were “unacceptable as a superintendent and as a community member. 
   “It really bothers me. You don’t overpromise things you are not going to give them,” Scott said.
   “I know we promised the football stadium would be ready,” said Trustee Frankie Cole.
   “This will be disappointing to the community. We know we won’t be ready,” she said.
   The home side stands in the stadium are two-thirds to three-quarters done.
   “The schedule is not going as we planned,” said Dallas Hagan, with Weaver and Jacobs Construction, the project manager. 
   He pointed out difficulties in securing necessary power contracts with AEP and low-pressure problems from city water lines to new six-inch lines at the high school.
   Hagan noted the heavy rains earlier in 2019 added to the delays.

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