"Bay City: A settlement that arose from the prairie"

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In 1941, the Bay City Gas Board donated money to build the USO Building that opened in 1942 and stands today as the Service Center.

   EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the 125th anniversary of Bay City’s founding in 1894.
   Since several events occurred in September that year, the Bay City Sentinel will feature the history of Bay City written the late Matagorda County historian Mary Belle Ingram throughout September.
   This is the final installment of Bay City’s history.
By Mary B. Ingram
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   The controlling company was Texas Public Service Company which had an office in downtown Bay City. 
   Frequent flooding of the Bay City area by water from the Colorado River led to the creation of the Colorado River Association in 1913 which became the Colorado Improvement Association in 1915.
   As early as 1912, a group of interested citizens began forming plans for a public library and tried to obtain funds for an Andrew Carnegie Library. 
   They were denied the funds due to the size of the small community; however, in 1915 they formed the Bay City Library Association, bought land, and built their own library. 
   This association has maintained library services for the community through all these years.
   The coming of World War I brought the first airplane, a military plane, to Bay City. Expansion was somewhat halted due to the war, but Bay City continued its steady growth and had a population of 3,454 in 1920. 
   After several disastrous floods, a protective levee was built along the banks of the Colorado River. Roads were improved; shelling and then some paving came into existence.

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