"Go in kindness when asking the Lord for answers to life’s questions" by: Caleb Gibson

   One day Billy Graham was asked by a reporter, “I’ve many preachers that are better than you, why has God chosen you to be the evangelist to the world?” 
   With a shy, retiring smile Billy Graham replied back, “When I get to heaven, that is going to be my first question.” 
   We all have a purpose, and out of all our many reasons for living, love is at the top of the list.
God is love. That is the description of Him. Jesus once told His Disciples, “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35).
How are we known as disciples of God? We are known by our love.
It’s great to have football again. As a fan it can be easy to look at the coach and criticize the way he does things. 
   I have 20/20 vision I can rewind and fast-forward. I can see things from the beginning to the end. Yet when NFL players are in the moment, those plays are fast. We can judge and analyze a five-second decision for five hours. 
   In the same way, it can be easy to critique a speaker. 
   I don’t say this because I’ve gone through this lately, in fact I feel blessed because my church has been encouraging to me. 
   I say this because of this question: how many times have I fallen into the trap of being too critical about a fellow preacher? 
   How many times have I been the one to think that things could have been done better? A lot of times, and we are our own best critics.
   We can even question God. Billy Graham has his questions for the Lord. 
   When I get to Heaven I’m going to ask, “Lord why did you allow spiders to be on the earth?” So, what do we do with these thoughts? We must allow God to give us wisdom. Go to the Word for guidance. 
   Pray about it. It’s OK to talk to the Lord about these things. Remember we must go to God with kindness. 
   We need to wait before we speak too fast. 
   Yet let’s not ignore mistakes. Ask yourself this question, “Is this a minor or a major?” 
   Major on the things that are major in detail, and minor on the things that are minor in detail. 
   If you don’t like how your co-worker treated you, then talk to them about it. 
   If it is something minor, like they chewed too loudly, shake it off. No matter if it is a minor or major, always show love.
   Pastor Stephen Hayes once shared a story about his father. 
   He said that when his Dad was in his mid-20s, he, his wife and two kids took everything they had placed it in the back of the Lincoln, followed the voice of the Lord, and went to plant a church in Dallas. 
   He went to talk to one the bankers and the man said they wouldn’t let him make a loan. 
   The banker said, “All these Christians are a bunch of liars, cheats, and I have no plans to do business with you.” 
   He later found out that a previous preacher had got a loan for a church building and car and couldn’t pay it back. 
   This was in the 70s and it was a $1,500 ($10,000 today) loan. His father looked at him and said, “I’ll pay back the loan.” 
   What did Stephen Hayes remember about his father? 
   He remembered his father’s kindness. It’s the grace of God that causes us to live a moral life. 
   Guess what, Jesus paid back our loan of Sin! Proverbs 19:22 tells us, “What is desired in a man is kindness…” 
   What do people really want? What do they really desire from others? 
   They all desire kindness. We all desire to know the Love of God.

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