"Life is much more fun when we realize we share it with God" by: Betsy Monico

   So much of my time is spent in the car. 
   We live ten miles out of town. My budget-friendly goal is to only make the trip once a day; however, we often travel it several times a day because of various activities. 
   Last week, I pulled out onto highway 488 with a clear coast. About the time I got my speed up to 65, I looked in the rearview mirror and immediately panicked over my “tailgater.” 
   It was a big truck on a mission to get where he was going rapidly. I refused to speed up. 
   The jeep is my favorite vehicle, but not safe to speed in. The truck finally blew past me when we reached a passing zone. 
   I was thrilled. I felt like he was “pushing” me to do wrong.
I immediately knew this would be my topic for the week. 
   Sometimes we all need a good pushing and a dose of encouragement. 
   On the contrary, like with the big truck dangerously on my tail, “pushing” may not be good! 
   We can be pressed into dangerous things, like the ditch, and end up in a bind and deep in sin.
The whole thing reminds me of peer pressure. I have tried my best, with the help of the Lord, to raise strong kids who think and make their own decisions. Whether they are right or wrong, I would rather them fail on their own doings than because they followed someone. 
   I got into a lot of trouble growing up. There was no one to blame but me really. 
   I was not easily influenced.
I cannot fathom raising children without the Lord. 
   There is such a peace in partnering with Him. It is the only way I survive with two of mine driving and a third one about to take his test. 
   I often feel weak in my parenting. I am too nice. Thankfully, I may crack, but I know the rock, Jesus, personally. He is my right-hand man. 
   Please remember this week in everything you do…whether it be work, parenting, marriage, overcoming an illness, or etc. 
   You, too, can partner with the Lord. He will push you when you need to be pushed and give you rest when it is needed. 
   He will not force you to anything. We all have free will, but the Holy Spirit can do the job and give you a good nudge. 
   God has taken care of me this week. 
   Plans and preparations for a homecoming dance were easy breezy. 
   Everyone pitched in. 
   It was so easy that last night when I arrived at 6:30 and realized the air conditioning was not working, I did not panic. 
   I asked for prayer. I also texted for help! After a quick errand to purchase more batteries for my twinkle lights, I returned to a beautiful, cooler school cafeteria that had been magically transformed into a dancing venue! I thanked the Lord! I knew He was not going to fail me. 
   He never does. I fail often, but God does not! 
   Pray this week, seek the Lord, and let Him push you or slow you down when it is necessary. 
   Life is so much more fun when we realize we are not alone!  Romans 15:13 comes to mind. 
   It says “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” 
   Lean on the Holy Spirit this week. You will be blessed!

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