"Morning, noon, night we need to pray for solutions to our problems" by: Betsy Monico

     After I spent seven years in the classroom at Agnew Middle School in Mesquite, the Lord awarded me the desires of my heart with a part-time job in education at Region 10 Service Center. 
   I trained new teachers by creatively delivering the various modules they had in place regarding effective teaching. 
   I remember a video we watched of Harry Wong. 
   He stressed the importance of procedures. You teach them, practice them, and live by them. Procedures make life run more smoothly. I needed them in my classroom! 
   Well, I got a second chance and my own library full of books, kids, and classes to practice procedures. 
   Everything we do at FES now is based on procedures. When classes walk in…they know where to go. 
   After I read to them, they know that the bottom row stands up first and files out to the yellow lines across the library. 
   The top row then stands, always more crowded, and does the same. 
   Before I turn my back and head over to the yellow lines myself, I remind the top row to stay in order when they exit and not come down all at one time like a plate of mixed up spaghetti. 
   I use my hands and fingers to show a tangled up visual of what I do not desire. (Note to self- I need more procedures are home. This place is often only one notch away from total chaos.)
   Yesterday afternoon after a good cry and heated discussion with a family member, I retreated outside to the back porch. 
   I needed fresh air to sort out some of the current issues in my life. 
   It dawned on me that my life was like a big bowl of spaghetti. In a large family or in any big group doing life together, things can get pretty tangled and confusing. 
   I was at a point where I could not tell where one issue stopped, where the next one began, and what my role needed to be in the middle of them all. 
   Honestly, part of the problem was too that I am still dealing with sin in my own life. 
   Growing up, I called the “mix-master” at 20 and 45 just south of Dallas the “spaghetti bowl.” 
   I never dreamed that at 46 years of age, my life would resemble that collaboration of bridges and roads; being intertwined and going every which way. 
   I prayed yesterday silently something simple like…”Lord, help me.” 
   Before too long, I had a very practical approach that would help one of our issues. I shared it with my daughter. 
   I was also given wisdom and realized that in another area of our family life, we needed to speak the truth in love.
   Hiding how we feel or sharing things with others will only make things more difficult to deal with in the long run. 
   Today my pastor talked about fasting. 
   When he is fasting and smells something like bacon, the alluring scent reminds him to pray. For him, bacon equals pray. 
   I applied that to situations we all face daily. 
   Confusion equals pray. Sadness equals pray. Fear equals pray. Exhaustion equals pray. Jealousy equals pray. Uncertainty equals pray. 
   Therefore, in the world of delicious Italian food, if your life this week is more like a mixed up bowl of spaghetti than a carefully laid out lasagna, pray. 
   Psalm 5:3 says, “In the morning, O LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning, I lay my requests before you and wait in expectation.” 
   Morning, noon, and night – we need to pray! Prayer is the greatest solution to all of our problems.

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