Tobacco operation successful

   Bay City police conducted a special operation targeting clerks who illegally sell tobacco products to minors on Monday, Sept. 30.
   The operation’s goal is to promote a healthy, safe environment for the young people of today.
   These operations use a minor between the ages of 14 and 16, who tries to buy tobacco products at various stores within the city limits of Bay City.
   Plain-clothed officers stay in the area with the minor to ensure his or her safety. The minor then leaves the store and notifies the lead officer if a sale was made.
   If there was a sale, the minor then turns over the tobacco product to the officer. 
   The clerk is then issued a citation for the offense of “Selling Tobacco to a Minor” and must appear in court for the charge.
   During this particular operation, 11 of the 13 stores checked refused to sell to our minors. 
   The stores that refused to sell were: Cindy Spirit’s at 4108 Avenue F, Dollar General at 3104 Avenue F, Bay City Exxon at 1400 7th Street, MS Express at 1417 7th Street, Tejas Valero No. 1 at 205 Avenue F, HEB Gas Station and HEB store at 2700 7th Street, Spec’s at 3100 7th Street, S’s Discount Liquor located at 3601 7th Street, Black Cat Chevron at 4209 7th Street, and Family Dollar at 2917 7th Street.

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