"Commissioners review animal control statutes" by: Jessica Shepard

   Matagorda County commissioners reviewed the Matagorda County Animal Regulations Ordinance codes during a recent workshop.
   “These codes were put in place in 1984 then amended in 1986,” said Matagorda County Attorney Denise Fortenberry
   “I think it’s safe to say we should be taking another look at these and bring them current with what the Texas Health and Safety Code require. A lot has changed since 1986 – that’s over 30 years ago.”
   Fortenberry added that the ordinance review was also spurred by a “no-kill animal shelter interest group” but gave no name for said group.
   “They’re really interested in coming to our county and building a facility to help local animals that are abandoned or get picked up by our animal control officers, get a chance at adoption,” she said.
   “Our current animal impound is not ‘no-kill’ and we have had to euthanize animals brought in – especially when we’re over capacity.”
   Matagorda County works with the animal impound, its personnel, and uses local animal control officers in partnership with the City of Bay City to service the entire county.

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