"MEHOP health report shows more children in poverty" by: Jessica Shepard

   MEHOP CEO Celeste Harrison presented current Matagorda County health statistics with about 30 people as part of a Bay City Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture luncheon Sept. 26.
   Harrison said the data came from a variety of medical sources like the Medicare database and compared Matagorda County to Wharton County, the state itself and at a federal level.
   “Health insurance makes the difference whether someone will get the medical attention they need or not,” she said.
   “The consequences can be severe, particularly when preventable conditions or chronic diseases go undetected. We have a 7,547 total uninsured population in the county which is higher than Wharton at 7,435.
   “We have to also keep in mind that when the Affordable Healthcare Act went into place, Texas was one of the few states that did not vote to expand Medicare coverage either. That has had an impact on our uninsured population,” said Harrison.
   Harrison’s presentation touched on environmental factors affecting one’s health including clinical care, social and economic factors, and physical limitations.

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