PD detains 2 juveniles for checking out vehicles

   Two juveniles were detained for criminal trespass and evading after Bay City police observed one of them looking into cars and the other standing watch a little after 8 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 6, police reports show.
   Sgt. Antoine Linsey was on patrol in the 2200 block of 6th Street, where he saw a slender-built male subject looking into the windows of vehicles in the parking lot of 2200 Avenue L. 
   While the slender subject was looking into the vehicles, a second male appeared to be keeping watch. 
   Linsey turned his patrol vehicle around to contact the subjects.
   Both began to run though the apartment complex at the intersection of 6th Street and Avenue L.
   Linsey got to the other side of the complex and cut off the subjects. 
   Both subjects were detained and identified as runaway juveniles. 
   Officers then checked the area and found several vehicles with open doors, but nothing had been taken. 
   Linsey observed a Chevrolet Impala that appeared to have items removed from the center console. The items were scattered around the seat. 
   The Impala’s owner was contacted and said nothing was taken out of his vehicle, but he did want to file charges for the criminal trespass. 
   Both juveniles were taken to the police department and processed for criminal trespass and evading detention. 
   Linsey contacted juvenile probation officials who indicated they would release both subjects to their guardian.

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