"It’s beginning to feel a lot like a proper fall season" by: Jessica Shepard

   So, we’re expecting another cold front this week, but I’m still waxing poetic about last Friday and Saturday. 
   I loved the way that cold front blew in, pretty much obliterating all of the moisture in the air and drove me to wearing jeans. 
   I mean, I’m mostly wear shorts or capris daily so far. 
   But, that was an amazing drop in temperatures and the perfect chilly wind to make everything feel like a proper fall day. 
   Sadly, it was too short and now we’re hot, humid and in for some spotty rain this week. 
   Even then, we’re supposed to dip below 70 degrees at some point. 
   It just feels like Mother Nature is teasing me – along with the rest of the state. 
   Or, well, anyone else who likes hoody and jeans weather. 
   The best part was opening the windows at the house and letting the air blow through. 
   The air condition didn’t cut on at all until mid-morning Monday. 
   While I’m sorely missing those cooler temps, I’m also gearing up for the next biggest October events in my life: my birthday and Halloween. 
   I know that in popular culture women don’t often appear as excited about their birthdays after turning 30, but, I’ve never really followed the crowd about that. 
   I count each year as another chance to drive my mom crazy and keep writing for our newspaper. 
   Plus, it’s another year I also get to spend with the rest of the family and my friends. 
   Still, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I’m glad that it’s on a Thursday this year. 
   That means we’ll have a Halloween edition and I’ll have an excuse to dress up for work. 
   As it stands, we already got a bit of Halloween candy over the weekend and I’m making sure that we’ll be hitting the post-Halloween sales on and offline. 
   There’s nothing better than half price candy, decorations and stocking up on makeup for next year. 
   This year, I’m resurrecting my zombie reporter for “Trick or Treat around the Square” downtown. 
   I’ve found that a lot of kids think it’s cool and some parents are a little wary of my makeup and costume. 
   But, it’s my favorite one to don and I’m praying for the perfect weather, too. 
   After all, if it’s too hot and humid, I’m a melting zombie. 
   Not to mention that rain ruins the whole effect as well, so, something cooler with a nice breeze is definitely ideal. 
   Or, at least it can wait to rain until after the sun goes down – that works, too! 
   I’ll just have to remember that zombies are in fact scary for a lot of people and stay on the sidewalk with little to no shambling around. 
   Considering that I walk slowly to begin with, it’s going to make the costume all that more authentic.


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