"Tidehaven board talks about combating vaping" by: Jessica Shepard

   Tidehaven ISD trustees heard about the widespread vaping problem on the junior high and high school campus and discussed the safety of the intersection of Texas 35 and FM 1095 during their regular meeting, Oct. 14.
   “I’ve had a really big push for disciplining tardies and vaping has been an issue,” said Assistant Superintendent Dr. Patrick Talbert, who also serves as junior high/high school principal.
   “It’s been hard for us to keep up with the vaping. But for now, the first time a student gets caught it’s a phone call to their parents and three days in-school suspension, the second time it’s five days and third time you’re going to DAEP. 
   “And if you’re a high school kid giving it to a junior high student, I’m taking you straight to DAEP right away,” Talbert said.
   “We used to treat it like tobacco, but, the way things are looking I’m going to start treating it a bit rougher than that. As long as I’ve been alive I’ve not heard of anybody dying in high school from tobacco. 
   “But the vaping, we’re cracking down on that and it seems to be getting results,” he added.
   Talbert said that with “reasonable suspicion” they are searching some student vehicles, too.
   “I’ve looked at our policy and we’re within our rights to search a student’s car and we’ve done that and had some good results with that,” he said.
   “Unfortunately, because of that, we’ve had to let a few transfer students go.”
Disciplining the vaping problem, Talbert said, seems to be getting kids talking. “Especially when they know we’re not going to tolerate the vaping at school.”

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