Peden takes over kindergarten school
The Peden School 1953-54 - kindergarten and first grade.

  By Virginia Peden
Matagorda County History Website

 In September, 1952, Virginia LeTulle Peden assumed ownership of the school founded by Miss Tenie Holmes and known as “Miss Tenie Holmes Kindergarten” until her death in the summer of 1952. 
   Under the direction of Mrs. Peden, the school was renamed the “Virginia L. Peden School.”  
   The building was given to the Bay City public school system by Mrs. Peden’s uncle, V.L. LeTulle.  
   In 1961 Mr. and Mrs. Peden purchased the lot and building and remodeled the building by enlarging the rooms and adding a covered back porch or play area for rainy days.  
   A few years later, a bell tower was added on the roof to house a large bell with the pull ropes inside the building. 
   Older graduates of the first school are legion in Bay City, as are graduates of its successor, Peden School.  
   Under the tutelage of Virginia Peden, Bess Yancy, Millie Simpson, Jeanne Goodman, and others, the school was well established in the educational system of this area. 
   The 50 to 75 young charges each year received a well-rounded preparation for grade school which included the teaching of phonetics, flash cards, and the use of the McKee System as it was stressed in the public school.  
   Additionally, the youngsters received instruction in art, dancing, foreign languages (French and Spanish), and music.  
   The Peden School Rhythm Band - its members attired in their school uniforms of navy blue blazers with school crests grey skirts or knee-Iength trousers, and navy French tams - played an important role, performing before various clubs and organizations and on radio and television.  
   Graduation from Peden School each spring was celebrated with a beautiful May Fete. 
   Mr. and Mrs. Peden had no children of their own; however, they cared for Bay City children in many ways for many years.  
   In 1975, after twenty-three years, Virginia L. Peden closed the school and retired.

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