"Years pass and importance of my love of music lasts" by: Jessica Shepard

   Frequent readers of my column have heard time and again how important music is to me.
   That hasn’t changed at all since I turned 32 last weekend.
   To be fair, not a lot has changed at all either.
   I’ll just give it a few more weeks and see if anything is different then.
   Back to the music commentary!
   A close friend of mine recently spent the weekend at a music festival and it had me racking my brain to recall the last time I saw a live concert.
   I’m not including musical theater or local band/choir concerts in this column.
   And it’s not that I have anything against those sorts of live entertainment venues – I used to be a choir kid, after all.
   I’m talking about moderately more famous or infamous artists – depends on who I choose to see most of all.
   It’s also a little heartbreaking when I remember that one of my favorite bands has broken up and it’s impossible to see them play together right now.
   If they do a reunion tour, then I’m going to be shouting from the rooftops and making sure I get tickets as soon as possible.
   With my love of music, also comes a desire to always be listening to something.
   If I could just have a soundtrack for daily life that only I could hear – that’d be awesome.
   Well, if I got to choose the songs, I could change them as needed for the day or situation at hand, not be charged money for the songs I use and all.
   Having someone else decide the song lineup or a repeating lineup ad nauseam would be torturous.
   Plus, music just makes me more productive!
   And it’s definitely easier to work with something in the background besides the phone ringing or dogs barking.
   Though, it also makes it hard to hear mom or Mike when they’re talking to me or asking some sort of technology-related question.
   It’s not a foolproof plan, but, I do try to keep one ear bud out so I can hear them, though sometimes a song on my playlist just requires complete auditory immersion.
   Take, for example, the “Mortal Kombat” theme song.
   It just gets me pumped up and makes it hard to focus on anything else while I jam out at work.
   To be fair, it also just makes me want to go watch the movie instead of work, too.
   Regardless, it definitely helps motivate me.
   Speaking of motivation, I also have the perfect Halloween playlist for Thursday.
   It’s got several soundtracks on it like “Beetlejuice,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” and “Dracula 2000,” plus a variety of random songs I think fit the general idea or feeling of Halloween.
   The only downside is that it has so many songs of varying volumes that it’s hard to be able to hear everything as it plays.
   I’m constantly adjusting the volume every few songs that I’m just delegating this playlist to be in my car.
   After all, with the windows rolled down, I can enjoy my music practically as loud as I want.

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