"Fairy tales don’t exist, but living with peace, joy from Lord sure do" by Betsy Monico

   My daughter and I just started our first Christmas Hallmark movie of the season. They rank up on the top of our tradition’s list. Before the first commercial even began, I mentally made plans to put my tree up. 
   Never would skip over Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday of the year. 
   Shopping is not really my thing. The commercialism of Christmas wears me out. 
   I thankfully know the difference between wants and needs. I try my best daily to teach my kids the same. One of the boys just came into the living room and made fun of us for watching another Hallmark. 
   He summed up what we already know is true. “They will end up together - it will be a fairy tale ending.” 
   Fairy tales begin with once upon and end with happily ever after. With Jesus, heaven equals happily ever after. Life on earth is anything but a fairy tale. 
   John 16:33 says. “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”  
   The real question is: How do we live joyfully in the midst of so much turmoil? How do we “take heart?” 
   I daily cross paths with so many people in search of authentic happiness. I often am too.
I strongly believe the only way for us to do this “thing” called life and somewhat stay positive is to recognize our blessings. 
   Fairy tales are phony, but blessings are real. They come in all shapes and sizes too.
I experienced a few this weekend. Friday night, the Eagles won their home game finale. 
   This victory meant the world to us because Brazos is a senior. 
   The guys fought for every yard they gained and won in overtime. 
   The cheerleaders cheered and cheered. The crowd yelled and yelled. 
   The coaches coached and coached. We corporately ended up with a win. 
   This Eagle team is different. There is no star. It includes a bunch of good, old boys who absolutely love each other. 
   They hang out, eat, and do life together. Their daily lives closely mirror what community and love really look like. 
   For them to win their last home game was a genuine blessing to us all. If the playoffs end quickly, the guys will always remember their final night playing together on their field, in their town. 
   The fans will too. It seemed impossible, but they battled back and made it happen. 
   The weekend included blessings at home too. One of my extra “kiddos” asked a few weeks ago if we could carve pumpkins.  
   Because of prior commitments, it took some time and actually happened a few days after Halloween. 
   The timing did not concern me at all. I have learned to make the most of every day and disregard normal expectations of what should happen and when. 
   Our “Fall Festival Day” was perfect. I drove to town Saturday after lunch in search of pumpkins. 
   I knew what I needed. I also knew what it might cost. Cooper Farms offered me a deal! 
   I knew at that exact moment that God was blessing our day. The blessings continued all day. 
   We entertained family, friends, deer-hunted, and indulged on the fried catfish and fixings my husband graciously cooked. 
   My “vision” of kids out back carving pumpkins absolutely came true. I loved every moment of it. 
   Fairy tales do not exist, but living with peace and joy from the Lord sure do. 
   Take heart this week and give thanks for your blessings! 

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