"There’s no way of over emphasizing importance of great management" by: John Sample

   I know your retirement account has little appreciation for another record high. 
   I mean who likes looking at your monthly statement and seeing it grow in value. 
   While this is great for our holiday spirit, less than a year ago it only took the Federal Reserve to raise rates and send the markets south. 
   While it is nice to be here, it is a tenuous place to be. 
   I find more analysts agreeing there is no doubt that a recession is coming, but it may be a while before we see it. 
   Though a GDP of just over 2 percent is no great shakes, it can sustain this market to past the election next November.
I wanted to talk about value. 
   I have mentioned the trials that General Electric has been through over the last couple of years. 
   We have seen this great industrial stock drop from over 30 points to as low as 6. 
   With new management, GE overcame a couple of well-known analysts projecting even lower prices and moved back above $10 per share. 
   I purchased this stock in my trading account but find it hard to own in my main account as it has little or no dividend. 
   It does go to show you what good management can do to turn around a company. 
   Microsoft did much the same thing by reinventing itself and turning from selling operating software to competing with Amazon in the selling services associated with the cloud. 
   I can’t emphasize the importance of great management. 
   They can revive a large, sinking ship and turn it in the right direction.
I will continue to point to the strength of this year’s fourth quarter. 
      There will not be economic data that will indicate anything but an economy that is growing. 
   It may not grow as fast as some would want but we have low unemployment and little or no inflation.   

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