"Kayak camping promises big adventures" By Willie Younger MCBNC Water Activities Coordinator

   Exploring waters and waterways by paddle craft can prove to be an immensely enjoyable approach to meeting a variety of objectives. 
   The alluring possibilities include, but are not limited to, wildlife observation, fitness, fishing, adventure racing, exploration, along with relaxing solitude and/or social interaction. 
   When kayak camping, everything one requires in order for overnighting along an isolated shore must be carried in, and on, their smallish, Eskimo-style watercraft. 
   So, the Matagorda County Birding Nature Center (MCBNC) has scheduled a workshop designed to equip outdoors enthusiasts with the extensive know-how needed to comfortably and safely enjoy overnight excursions to remote and/or primitive waterfront locations adventurously accessed by kayak. The topics to be covered, in depth, include:
Thoughtful selecting gear, clothing, kayaks, food, campsites and companions.
Weather, safety, emergency management and shuttling necessities.
   Packing techniques (i.e., waterproofing gear & supplies, properly loading the boat, etc.).
Weekend outings versus extended expeditions (i.e., the differing objectives & benefits of each) 
   This special outdoor skills development program will take place at the Education Building of the MCBNC near Bay City from 9 a.m. until noon on Saturday, Nov. 16. 
   The enrollment fee is $20/person and includes detailed instruction, morning refreshments and full 2020 membership to the non-profit Birding Nature Center. 

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