Palacios Point once hosted town of Portsmouth

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The beach at Portsmouth.

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By Mary L. Griffin
   About 1902 Burton D. Hurd laid out another town on the Palacios Point site.  
   He named this town Portsmouth, and the area is still called by that name.  
   A family named O’Neal operated a hotel for several years and were hosts to hunters and fishermen, but the town never grew.  
   The point of land on which the hotel was built is still called Palacios Point.
   Historic Matagorda County, Volume 1 Typed by Faye Cunningham
Memories of Old Hotel at Portsmouth
   by Abel B. Pierce
     The Pierce family spend many happy weekends having traveled there by boat from Palacios or by auto from Blessing by Collegeport over dirt roads and deep sand (when Oyster Lake was dry enough to allow crossing. This was before the Intracoastal Canal came to be.)
   We swam in Matagorda Bay, dodged “cabbageheads” and consumed quantities of shrimp, “lassoed” by our dad (Abel B. Pierce, Sr.) with a castnet.
   Special memories:
   1)  Sleeping on “corn-shuck” mattresses in upstairs bedrooms; every move waking you up with the “rustling,”
   2) An old foot pump organ in the “lobby” down-stairs that the “kiddies” tried to play until one pedal “broke-down.” 
   To conceal the disaster, we propped it up with one of Mrs. O’Neal’s baking powder biscuits which were, however, very good eating.)
   Tick Pierce even identified the room on the right hand side of the balcony as where he slept.

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