Sheriff Osborne seeks re-election

Sheriff Frank ‘Skipper’ Osborne

 Paid political announcement by Sheriff Skipper Osborne   

Dear Citizens of Matagorda County,    
   As Sheriff of Matagorda County, I, Frank “Skipper” Osborne, with the support and trust of the employees of the Matagorda County Sheriff’s Office will seek re-election in the upcoming 2020 election.  I have 20 plus years’ experience in law enforcement, including the last seven years serving as your sheriff.
   I have been a resident of Matagorda County all my life except for a three-year tour in the United States Marines.  While serving in the Marine Corps, I spent a tour in Vietnam, where I was wounded and received the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star, the President Unit Citation, and other accolades.  
   After my tour in the Marines, I returned home to Bay City and married my high school sweetheart, Diana Sliva.  
   We have been married 50 years, and have two children and seven grandchildren.  We are members of Holy Cross Church in Bay City, Texas.
   I am pleased to tell you about some of the exciting changes that have happened in the Matagorda County Sheriff’s Department during the last seven years under my leadership:

  •     First and foremost, all deputies and jailers have received a raise in salary, which brought them in line with other departments.
  •     All officers have new uniforms(the first since 1962)
  •     All officers have body cameras, tasers and body armor
  •     All officers currently carry a 9MM Glock
  •     We have two special canine units to help with drug control
  •     Our ID Department has acquired new equipment to process evidence
  •     Vehicles for our officers have been updated, and all officers now drive reliable Dodge 4-wheel drive trucks.
  •     Two drones have been added to our Sheriff’s department to assist with victim searches
  •     For drug interdiction purposes and ensuring safety equipment on the water, the Sheriff’s department currently has two reliable running boats
  •     Our jail has stayed in jail compliance for all seven years during my term (I am particularly proud of this accomplishment!)

   Morale is high in the Sheriff’s Department!  During my seven years, our department has enjoyed a professional, ethical and friendly atmosphere.  
   We have applied for and received many grants to help us stay within our budget. Also, in the budget for 2020, we will be able to add two new deputies to our department - this is the first increase in personnel in 20 years.
   I am proud to currently serve all citizens of Matagorda County, and as your Sheriff, I will continue to work to make Matagorda County the very best sheriff’s department in the state of Texas.  
   I am not a politician; my only special interest is you – the citizens of Matagorda County.  I will appreciate your consideration, and more importantly, your vote in the upcoming election.
   Best regards,
   Frank “Skipper” Osborne, Sheriff Matagorda County, Tx.

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