"Dreamscape a Thanksgiving story; Long-ago football turkey days" by: Mike Reddell

   I really liked our main story in this week’s edition – the groundbreaking of the Dreamscape playground at LeTulle Park Monday.
   There’s a large group taking part in the ceremony, but that’s OK.
   Lots of people have a large stake in this special playground that will accommodate kids with all abilities.
   This is truly a long-awaited $400,000 project that will cover more than 9,000 square feet.
   The fund for this came from a $200,000 state grant, a $150,000 grant from Bay City Community Development Corporation and more than $35,000 in donations and pledges.
   At Monday’s groundbreaking the parts were there ready for assembly. 
   This playground should make a lot of children happy.
   Now this is a Thanksgiving story.
   Speaking of Thanksgiving, I grew up where the focus was less on the menu and more on the televised game between the loyal and lovable Texas Aggies and the burnt orange guys.
   There were few televised collegiate games back in the 1950s and early 1960s and you were more likely to see the Texas bunch than A&M.
   That was because of the ludicrous network viewpoint that the Horns won more games. 
      I still miss the mass gathering of family members around the usually black and white TV.
   Like many expanded family gatherings back then, there was a sometimes ferocious division between Texas and A&M relatives.  
   My mother was predictably at the center of the action. She was one of the most fervent A&M fans ever.
   She kept the A&M faithful in line and the UT relatives at bay.
   That rivalry ended in 2012 and now the Aggies get to play No. 1 LSU.
   While that rivalry dates to 1899, it’s not the same as the two older state teams – think OU-OSU, Alabama-Auburn, Ole’ Miss and Mississippi State and Florida and Florida State.
   I’m really hyped about the LSU game – especially after watching and reading a steady stream of ominous threats of annihilation coming from Baton Rouge. 
   It’s the third time this season A&M has played a team ranked No. 1. 
   Hey, it will similar to those A&M-UT days when Kennedy was President and the TV screen was small and sometimes grainy.
   A big difference nowadays is the remote.

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