"Here’s hoping you find time to enjoy Thanksgiving" by: John Sample

   A holiday-shortened trading week is not without financial consequences. 
   LVMH announced the acquisition of the little blue box luxury retailer Tiffany. 
   This was followed by Schwab merging with ETrade.
   All was not to the buy side as EBay is selling Stub Hub. 
   So much for just taking the holiday season off to be merry and jolly.
It does appear though that this holiday season will find consumers spending like there is nothing but good times ahead. 
   I am not going to argue this point but would remind you of what Christmas can bring to equities. 
   Instead of a rate increase we could find tariffs with China rising Dec 15. 
   Many have attributed the recent bull move since August to the belief that the trade war would be resolved to some extent. 
   Some are labeling this as Phase 1. 
   There is still all the politics and articles of impeachment.
   I still contend that it is better to have a wall of worry to climb. 
   Moreover it is the economy my friends which is still moving forward with low inflation and low unemployment. 
   The earnings season has passed with the majority exceeding expectations. 
   It is essential that earnings need to grow. 
   For such to happen, capital investment has to happen.  
   All the uncertainty has been no help.
   I am going to enjoy the holiday season taking profits where I can.
Here’s hoping you will be able to celebrate with friends and family being thankful for all our blessings.
   Profitable Holidays   

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