"Remember this truth: Do your part, knowing Jesus is with you" by: Betsy Monico

   Some of you may be tired of football, but read on. I believe this message is for us all.
   Do you ever feel like you are just surviving, half-way doing everything? I sure do.
   There are many reasons: sin, over commitment, bad habits, being tired, complacency, losing hope, and etc.
   I quickly wrote this Thursday for the football boy’s lockers….raw thoughts. 
   “Your families will arrive early wearing maroon and gold. We will gladly sit in the cold weather to watch you. If it rains, no big deal.
   “We will invite friends, bring bells, and yell so much that come Saturday morning we may not be able to talk.
   “Your little brothers and sisters will cheer for you too, wearing your number. They have talked about you all week at school. They look up to you.
   “Your older siblings wish that they were you again. They would give anything for just one more shot.
   “Your Grandparents, if they can make it, will. You are loved! “Some of your family will watch from heaven. What a view that must be…
“The band will play, twirlers will twirl, flags will fly. The cheerleaders will cheer, jump, and try to keep us all in harmony.
   “You ate breakfast early this morning, but they all got up early too for the pep rally.
   “What about your trainers? They will be there on the sidelines with you all of the way.
“Your coaches…no words here. They demand a lot of you. You probably get sick and tired of them from time to time.
   “To them, it is football, Texas football, but more than just a game. Do you know that quite often when your parents do not know what to do with you- that we call or text them to remind you who you are.
   “They are part of your “raising.” They will offer praise and the total opposite when it is deserved after every play of the game. “They will give it their all in Mesquite.
“The only missing piece of this puzzle is you. You, the one reading this….you have to do it. “Win or lose, you have to know that you gave it your all. Seniors, you have to lead. You will never have this night back again.
   “You are such a good group of close, young men. Mr. Jowers called it years ago – the most “interesting” class he had ever seen.
   “You are special. The entire class of 2020 is exceptional. Seniors, do your part.
   “So….your family, friends, the band, the cheerleaders, your coaches, and various fans that you do not even know, will do their part tomorrow night, praying for your safety.
   “What happens on the field though – is really up to you. Do your part. We love you.”
The Eagles lost on the scoreboard, but they never stop fighting.
   They reminded me that too often I give up and throw in the towel way too quickly!
   Whether it is the Thanksgiving dishes, a project at work, organizing a movie night at home, dying to self to save a relationship or helping a teammate– we must do our part!
   So much in life cannot be passed off to anyone else. It is all us!
   That scares me. I know a truth though – Psalms 54:4 in the Message says, “Oh, look! God’s right here helping! God’s on my side. Evil is looping back on my enemies. Don’t let up! Finish them off!”
   Keep this encouraging truth in mind this week. Do your part, knowing you are not alone though. Jesus is with you.

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