Local Santa letters from 1929-31 show different time

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Dear Santa Claus:
   I am a little girl, eight years old. I am very glad to see dear old Santa come but so sorry to see him forget some poor little girl or boy who hasen’t got any money to buy them something nice for Christmas. Please when you remember ever one else that hasen’t got no way to get something nice if you have some left bring me a rain coat to wear to school when it rains hard. And if you have enough dolls to spare bring me one with brown curly hair and little sister wants a doll and my little brother says he wants a ball. Now dear Santa please don’t forget all the poor little children for you know our dear Lord said the poor were his and he hates to see any one forget his people and I do to. Will close hoping you get my letter and wishing you a Merry Christmas.
Vivian Fisher, Box 1173
Dear Santa:
   I am a little girl two years old. I would like for you to bring me a tricycle, a little rocking chair and any other toys you may have to spare. I live in New Gulf, but you will find me in Bay City at my grandmother’s Mrs. Norcross, on Christmas eve night. Your little friend.
Melvin Carroll Kennedy
Dear Santa Claus:
   I am so happy that Christmas will soon be here. I always have more fun during the holidays than any other time of the year. I know you are wondering what I want for Christmas. I had rather have a bike, banjo, uke, old maid game please, jack straws, a big trunk for myself, Tip the Belle Boy. Will be pleased with anything else you wish to bring me. Always your little friend, age nine years.
Mary Helen Norcross
P. S.—I would also like to have a game called Gee Wiz Horse Race.

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