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EDITOR’S NOTE: We’re following up on last week’s stories on how the new year was celebrated across the county decades ago.

New Year Thoughts by Harry Austin Clapp - 1930
   Well, anyway, the day came, the beautiful, warm, sunny first day of the new year, and with it over one hundred folks with their budgets and baskets of food to attend the twentieth annual community dinner. 
   The table was loaded as usual with roast turkey, roast chicken, roast wild duck and geese, roast beef, veal and pork, potatoes, salads, fruits, cakes, pies, but crowning them all was a big tank of the Famous Carrie Nelson Noodles. 
   I was one of the first in line and keeping my eye on those delicious, superlative, golden noodles I loaded my plate, scorning the common foods and soon was busy absorbing that nourishing, satisfying, gratifying, comforting nutriment. 
   All other foods “done lost their flavor.” 
   The world looked good to me all things took on a rosy sheen and my soul was filled with delight. 
   After dinner those present were regaled, entertained and delighted, with floods of reason, optimistic bouquets, by Messrs. Haisley, Sims, Mowery, Franzen, Cottingham, Liggett and others. 
   It was a great day for the College Sports. 
   The Daily Tribune, January, 1930


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