"Jurors finds Markham man guilty of poaching" by: Mike Reddell

   A 40-year-old Markham man was convicted of a state jail felony for hunting a prized 23-point white-tailed deer from a North Matagorda County Ranch without the owner’s consent following a day-long trial Tuesday, Jan. 7.
   The six-woman, three-man jury found Neil Anton Jurek of Markham guilty in the trial’s guilt-innocence phase for white-tailed deer: Hunt or catch without owner consent in the October 2017 incident.
   In the punishment phase, the jurors gave him the maximum sentence of two years and a $10,000 fine, which won’t be probated.
   Defense counsel John Anderson requested the judge poll all jurors in open court on their conviction and punishment decisions.
   Jurors all voted unanimously in both cases.

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