"Photography Contest among many interests for county 4-H members" Denise Grisham Matagorda County CEA-4-H Youth Development Texas A&M AgriLife

   As we begin 2020 Matagorda County 4-H members are very busy preparing for upcoming 4-H events as well as the Matagorda County Fair and Livestock Show. 
   This past week we had over 200 pictures submitted online for our 4-H Photography Contest.  
   The kids can enter one picture in each of the following categories Animals-Domestic, Animals-Wildlife, Catch-all, Details & Macro, Dominant Color, Elements of Design, Enhanced, Food, Landscape & Nature, Motion/Action, Night, People, Plant/Flora, Shadow/Silhouette, Theme – The Elements. 
   The winners in each of these categories will advance to compete at the District and State Levels. 
   Photography has become one of the more popular projects with just about anyone being able to snap a picture on their cell phones. 
   Texas 4-H Photography Ambassadors are an elite group of 4-Hers selected for their skills that go out and educate others about different techniques. 
   Two different teams of senior Matagorda County 4-Hers have competed at State Roundup in the Photography Judging Contest and both teams placed in the top 10 teams from across the state.
   In addition to entering their photos, 4-Hers are busy preparing for the upcoming Fashion Contests. 
   Some of our 4-Hers enter in a construction category, where they learn skills necessary to sew an article of clothing, they will then model the garment and give a presentation about the skills they have learned and the activities that they participated in while a part of this project. 4-Hers can also enter the buying category where the member models a garment that they purchased that was ready-to-wear. 
   They also will give a presentation regarding the consumer decision making process that they made to select that item and other skills and activities that they participated in while in that project. 
   The 4-Hers are scored on not only the item they chose and the way it fits, but how they presented themselves and the skills that they learned. 
   Another contest that some of our 4-Hers are busy preparing for is the storyboard contest – think what Joanna Gaines does for Fixer Upper with the computerized drawings she does for interior design. 
   The 4-Her can create a piece of jewelry, clothing, accessory, home décor, home furnishings or pet clothing. 
   The theme for the contest is Game Night, the 4-Her can interpret and design their vision of game night. 
   This year, for the first time, the boards can be computer generated. 
   Too often people think that 4-H is simply about raising animals, but as you can tell from just the three contests outlined above, 4-H encompasses many different types of projects and learning activities. 
   Livestock continues to be one of the largest projects in Matagorda County and in the state of Texas, but 4-H continues to evolve and change as society changes. 
   If you know someone interested in becoming a part of the Matagorda County 4-H Program, have them contact the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Office Matagorda County at (979)245-4100.  

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