"Elliott’s Ferry important point on roads crossing Matagorda County" By Freda Daniel

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   Early settlers arriving in the Matagorda Bay prairie area discovered many environmental advantages for surviving in the rich land. 
   There was an abundance of natural resources. 
   The many waterways provided an ample supply of water and aided transportation. 
   On the other hand, the rivers at times presented problems to the people, forcing them to travel many miles to finda convenient river crossing.
   During the days of Stephen F. Austin’s colonization between the Brazos and the Colorado rivers, the Bay Prairie became a convenient route for settlers traveling from Brazoria and Columbia to Texana and destinations beyond. 
   Early maps show a ferry or crossing on the Thomas Cayce league of land near present Bay City. 
   During the days of the Republic of Texas there was a small army post, garrisoned by some thirty or forty men stationed at Cayce’s Ferry. 
   Under the command of Captain Andrew Neill, this army post, known as the First Colorado Station (Station Colorado, Post Colorado), assisted those traveling on official business, prevented the use of the ferry to those without proper orders, and carried out communications between army headquarters near Texana and the capital at Columbia. 
   This army post was in existence from the latter part of  November 1836, until about June of 1837, when the capital was moved from Columbia to Houston.
   Cayce’s Ferry became known as Elliott’s Ferry and served the area until the river bridge was built in 1902. 
   On January 22, 1839, George Elliott purchased land from Thomas Cayce in the H.H. League survey on the west bank of the Colorado River. 

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