Jim Folse announces for Bay City Council Position 2

Jim Folse

   For those that don’t know me, I have lived in Bay City for over 31 years. 
   I came to Bay City to work at STPEGS and did so for 9 years. The very first night in Bay City, my aunt Betty told me it was a nice quiet friendly community.
   About an hour later she was called out to the Rice dryers because someone had broken in and was still in the building.
   I met several of our law enforcement officers that first night, but in a good way. 
   I stayed the rest of the week with her and then moved into Hamman Square apartments, where a little over a year later Chrystal moved in by me and I had to walk past her window and door to get to my apartment. 
   Yep, I married the girl next door and we have been married for 28 years. 
   We have 3 kids James (Brock), Kelsey and Kristin. We also have 2 grandchildren Malachi & Sawyer.
   I have a Bachelor’s degree from Athens State University and an Associates of Applied Science from Golden Triangle. 
   At STPEGS, I worked in the Purchasing, Engineering and IT departments. So many good people work there, I still have many of them as friends even though I have been gone for over 20 years.
    For those past 20 plus years, I have been working as a software consultant in roles such as Project Manager, Technical Lead, Integration Lead and Solution Design Architect (fancy names for just implementing software at fortune 500 companies).
   We have owned two small businesses in Bay City, Kutting Up and GC Sports. 
   I have been active in local organizations such as Relay for Life, Bay City Girls Softball, Bay City Lions, Girl Scouts, Texas Trio, etc. 
   I have even served on some of their boards in different capacities. 
   And, as most of you know, Chrystal served on Bay City Council for six years and two of those as Mayor Pro Tem. 
   So, I have had a very good indoctrination in just what it means to be on city council. 
   With all of this and knowing that we plan to retire here in Bay City. 
   I want to help make Bay City better for all of us.  
   Better for our kids with more activities, better for our existing local businesses (Mom & Pop shops who have been with us thru thick and thin), better by working to make Bay City a railroad quiet zone and better by finding ways to get businesses into our empty buildings.
   You can find me on facebook (www.facebook.com/jim.folse), or send me an email at jim.folse@yahoo.com
   I am open and anxious to hear your thoughts and concerns. 
   With that said, I humbly ask for your vote for City Council Position # 2 on May 2, 2020.
   Paid political announcement. Chrystal Folse, treasurer.

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