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Separator Thrashing Bundles of Rice: Worker feeds bundles hauled from shocks in the field from the wagon into the throat of the separator. The straw and chaff piled up where the separator ran.

Carlyle Roberson, Continued from History last week
   Carlyle farmed rice for ten to fifteen years. 
   In the late 1940s he bought about 100 acres of land on the Chinquapin Road from a Mrs. Wates whose
husband had died. 
   He farmed cotton, raised stock, drove the school bus, and leased about 50 to 75 acres from LeTulle to farm rice.
   He made an X for his signature, and many times, one of his sons or Mr. Eidlebach signed for him after his X.
Carlyle leased his land to farm rice, signed his lease to contract water for irrigation, purchased his farm equipment, paid his help, and reaped the total percentage for his crops.
   His former house, a two-story building, burned and his later house that he built still stands about 10 miles southeast of Wadsworth on the Chinquapin Road. 
   The land is still owned by the Roberson heirs.
   This information was provided by: Mr. Earl Eidlebach, the “Water Man:” 
   The Rev. James Roberson, a grandson of Carlyle’s who escorted the writer out to the land; Lee Andrew Roberson, a son of Carlyle’s; Helen Edison; Carlyle, Jr.; Ms. Pearl Roberson, a member of New Hope Church; and Mrs. Magaline Roberson Barnes, a daughter of Carlyle’s.
   Carlyle died June 14, 1975, and his wife, Harriette died December 26, 1965. They are interred in the Shiloh Cemetery, Cedar Lane, Texas.

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