"Changing seasons means changing home, body scents" by: Jessica Shepard

   I think the hardest part about changing seasons or holidays at our house is when it comes down to fragrances.
   I’m talking about what scents we us as plug-in air fresheners, potpourri, candles, incense, room sprays and so forth.
   Already, mom and I have preferred differences anyway.
   She seems to prefer clean scents and florals while I like more of the fruity or sweet-smelling ones.
   It’s really hard to find a happy medium for winter or Christmas-themed smells for the house.
      Mom’s got a love affair for evergreen and woodsy smells, while I prefer spiced or citrus ones.
   So, with the onset of Valentine’s Day and spring just around the corner, we’re making a few changes already.
   While neither of us can understand why people like anything that smells like burnt marshmallow, firewood, or chocolate, we’ve settled on nice floral scents like roses or peonies for now.
   When spring fully makes an appearance, I’m sure we’ll work on something else for the house.
   I still find it weird how certain scents carry memories with them.
   I mean, there’s some things I haven’t smelled in a while – like vanilla – that just seem to make me instantly nostalgic and wistful for days gone by.
   Mostly, vanilla reminds me of my late grandmother and how sensitive her nose always was.
   Well, sensitive to anything but vanilla, really.
   Sometimes, it also reminds me of baking with my mom and how we always add just a pinch extra to every recipe.
   Other scents invoke specific time periods in my life or not so pleasant memories.
   A bully I used to deal with a lot in school always smelled like “Exclamation” perfume and since then I’ve hated it.
   Just the smallest hint makes me gag and want to kick someone in the shins.
   Mom’s personal fragrance choice bounces between White Diamonds and Chanel Coca.
   I’ve never paid attention to the latter.
   Which is interesting because I have a variety of perfume oils that I swap out every couple of days or select from based on my mood.
   Though, my favorites have predominantly amber, juniper and bergamot notes in them.
   Another thing I find interesting about perfume scents is that they can change depending on a person’s body chemistry.
   So, what it smells like spritzed out of a bottle may not end up that way once a person is wearing it.
   I wish my brother had heard about that in junior high.
   He, like many of his peers, mixed several different Axe body spray scents at one time – with often nose-fatal results.
   Sometimes I’m just grateful that I can still smell anything after that fiasco.
   Either way, I have my favorites while mom has her own; sometimes they mesh and sometimes not.
   We’re both just glad that we don’t have to endure the Axe clouds that my brother let trail behind him.

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