"MLK featured as museum’s Black History Month exhibit " by: Jessica Shepard

Sentinel photo/Jessica Shepard
Donnye Stone’s annual Black History Month exhibit features Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the lobby of the Matagorda County Museum for February. Stone's showcase highlights King's works, personal history and features a wall of famous quotes. A large cardboard standup of King is the key centerpiece of the exhibit.

   “Who is This Man: Salute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” is the theme of Donnye Stone’s annual Black History Month exhibit in the lobby of the Matagorda County Museum for February. 
   Stone’s annual exhibits have ranged from black dolls and hats to authors and musicians. 
   “I asked God to give me something or someone with a positive spirit,” she said about her exhibit choice this year. 
   “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was my answer, with all the negative and craziness going on in our country and our community today, I needed and wanted someone that showed compassion for others and did some good in this world that we live in. 
   “I needed and wanted someone that put himself and his family on the back burner and put the world first. I needed and wanted someone that was a servant, who served others and Dr. King fits this someone.” 
   Stone says the goal of her exhibit is to raise awareness and educate the community while tying into Black History Month. 
   “Some of our leaders today have gotten away from putting the people first, and making the right choices for the people,” she added. 
   “Dr. King was a drum major for justice, peace, and righteousness for all mankind.” 
   Almost all of the items in the exhibit belong to Stone save the standup poster the museum donated to the display. 
   Stone supplies a brief biography on King and his works with the showcase and ties other historic moments in Black History. 
   “I would love for the community to go by to see and enjoy the display and please pass it on to others,” she said. 
   “Most of all, I’d like for us to pass on his teachings, dreams, and dedication to compassion and putting people first.” 
   The museum’s hours of operation are Wednesday-Saturday from 1-5 p.m. with entry fees ranging from $2 for children aged 3 and up, $4 for adults and $3 for seniors over 50.


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