A Matagorda County history from 1910

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A painting of Matagorda in 1860 near the start of the Civil War, when there was just one large Matagorda Bay.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: I came across this history by chance and was impressed by its perspective - from the beginning of the 20th Century.
      Historical Review of South-East Texas illustrated, Volume 1,
Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago  1910
Transcribed by FoFG mj
   Matagorda municipality was created by the Coahuila- Texas legislature, March 6,1834. 
   It’s jurisdiction was over the country between the Lavaca and Caney creek, this being the southwest portion of the Austin colonies. 
   The provisional Texas government in December, 1835, created the municipality of Jackson from the west side of Matagorda.  
   The east and west boundaries were thus fixed as they still remain, and when Wharton county was formed in 1846 the north boundary was made. 
   The municipality was organized as a county under the act of congress, December 20, 1836. 
   The town of Matagorda was incorporated by the act of December 14, 1837. 
   Matagorda, at the mouth of the Colorado, and thirty miles from Pass Cavallo, the entrance to Matagorda bay, was not so accessible a port as Galveston, Velasco and Lavaca yet it’s importance increased with the settlement of the country along the Colorado. 
   A custom house was established here about 1831. 
   A 1830s history of Texas (1835) says that Matagorda was destined to be the second town in the Brazos department, “by reason of its commercial and healthy situation; being laid out on the prairie bluff...This town is improving rapidly, as it is by far the most healthy, airy and agreeable spot on the seaboard of the province, bidding fair to rival Columbia as a port of entry.” 

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