Matagorda County and 1918 pandemic

   EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first of a multi-part series on the impact of the 1918 Pandemic on Matagorda County.
   As you will read, the disease affected lots of residents.

   By early 1918 the national war effort was in full swing and the ladies of Bay City did their part by taking a first aid course sponsored by the Red Cross.  
   There was bandage rolling at the old Parish House and the town as a whole instituted an all-out Liberty Bond drive. 
   It was in the midst of this drive, right at harvest time, that the influenza epidemic of World War I struck the city. 
   Mrs. Hattie Harper was one of the first cases, being almost recovered by the time the illness was finally diagnosed. It was not until a death or two had occurred that people realized the seriousness of the epidemic.  
   Camps were set up in the areas of harvesting where men were stretched out one by one on the floor for treatment as they became ill. 
   Bay City and Matagorda County: A History by Junann J. Steighorst, page 142

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