"Test returns in batches concern MRMC" by: Mike Reddell

Collectively, Matagorda Regional Medical Center and other healthcare providers in the county are awaiting the results of over 40 COVID-19 tests from Matagorda County residents over the next several days.

What began as a relatively quick turnaround of around 24 hours on getting the COVID-19 tests returned, became “48 hours, then 72 hours, and then the time kept creeping back,” said Aaron Fox, MRMC’s Chief Business Development Officer and PIO.

“Over time, the tests were not processed and were more and more backed up,” he remarked.

“So now we have over 40 tests and it has been long enough to begin getting the results back.”

As of Friday afternoon, March 20, there have been three cases and one death related to COVID-19 in Matagorda County.

The first positive case was the state’s first confirmed COVID-19 that was community-spread.

And the death was the Texas’ first caused by the virus.

Those notifications came one at a time over a sequence of three days.

That may not be how it happens when the COVID-19 test results come in over the next several days and that concerns Fox.

When the tests returned, “it will be an increase in information, not of an explosive number of cases,” he said.

“This has followed a natural progress of people being tested,” Fox explained.

“But we don’t want to incite a panic,” should the test results return in batches, Fox added.
“We’re trying to brace people to be prepared.”

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