"Finding our way through the darkness before the dawn" by: John Sample

   Years ago I used to watch the Twilight Zone on TV and last week on a road trip to Alabama, I lived that show. 
   We are entering a new period both financially and socially. 
   The markets moved back to levels that we have not seen since 2016. The Trump bump is long gone. The question is where we go from here. 
   I see this ending faster than most predict. 
   The real problem is the cure will be worse than the disease. 
   We will see an enormous number of families with no savings pushed into financial ruin. 
   I understand that we must stem the spread of the virus but the cost will be huge.The stock market will serve as a measure of what is happening, but individuals in small towns are the soldiers who will be the casualties. 
   We are in the middle of a two-three week period before the number of cases reduces. 
   People already are restricted to their homes trying to work by means of the internet. 
   The problem is that the vast majority of people are in the service sector. 
   These people have been laid off and the prospects for living check to check are dark.
   In the nation’s capital our politicians try to come up with a plan to get this country through the next 30 days. 
   While I thought the Federal Reserve reducing interest rates to zero was one of the worst ideas, pushing cash into banks to make money available to small business was correct. 
   Our government will have to take on a significant amount of debt to stem the tide of those impacted by layoffs. This will happen but there is going to a significant cost. Our already large national debt will more than triple. 
   While it can currently be maintained, the day of reckoning is coming. I wonder how long and under which President’s watch we will finally have to pay.
   As to the market, you get these chances about every 10n years. I am waiting to let this market settle down. 
   That does not mean trying to pick the bottom to jump in with both feet.
   This is a period of dipping your toes in to make sure you can take the consequences. 
   I suggest that there are companies at prices that make way more sense than six weeks ago.

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