Matagorda County and 1918 pandemic

   EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second installment of a multi-part series on the impact of the 1918 Pandemic on Matagorda County.
   As you will read, the disease affected lots of residents.

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   To the bereaved father and son the sympathy and condolence of the entire city is extended.
Daily Tribune, October 12, 1918
         W. H. FARTHING
[31 Oct 1886 - 15 Oct 1918]  
   The remains of Will Fathering [Farthing] whose death occurred Tuesday of influenza, were laid to rest in Cedarvale Cemetery Sunday morning at 10 o’clock. Funeral services were conducted from the home of his father-in-law Mr. C. W. Lee.
Unknown Newspaper, October 21,  
            LOUIS McINTOSH
Pneumonia claimed another victim yesterday in the death of Louis Hamilton McIntosh at the Bay City Hospital.
   The funeral took place this afternoon after service held at the home of Mr. Jim Carson, a brother-in-law.
Matagorda County Tribune, Friday, October 18, 1918        Obituary courtesy of Susie Adkins
   The Red Cross is making an effort to assist where it may in the influenza epidemic, and it will render financial aid under the authority of the physicians and nurses of the town. 
   If such is desired, please communicate with Mrs. Mayfield, phone 812F2.
The members who have taken the necessary course toward rendering assistance are listed below, and they are urgently requested to put themselves at the disposition of the physicians and nurses that they may co-operate in every way to the benefit of the community.
   There is much sickness among the families of these nurses’ aides, but as the crest of the epidemic passes, more are released from home duties and the Red Cross is preeminently engaged in relieving the distress wherever it exists to such an extent that the authorities have to be called upon.
   This is the first opportunity of service which has arisen and it is desired that the Red Cross may fulfill its obligations in the civilian as well as n the military field.
   The citizens at large are requested the report their ability to further these efforts by serving as messengers, with or without autos, for the transportation of medicine, hot food and other necessities.
Mrs. James S. Mayfield, phone 812F2, is ready to receive all responses to this call from the Red Cross.
 Matagorda County Tribune, October 18, 1918
   This is a time when all people should be considerate of the difficult conditions attending public service. Five employees of the post office are absent from their post of duty and Postmaster Collins and relief force are making commendable efforts to meet the emergency. The same is true of the express company, telephone company, banks, newspapers and general public business. 
   The installation of new workers due to war conditions together with the prevailing physical distress has rendered public service of all kinds a difficult task, and it will greatly help the situation if instead of criticism and thoughtless fault-finding, everyone should co-operate in good spirit and bear one another’s burdens.
Matagorda County Tribune, Friday, October 18, 1918
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