"Viewpoints about life today from all ages of community" by: Betsy Monico

   What my local community is grateful for: I suspect yours may be the same! 
   Cristal - Thankful for my family, friends and Thankful for our health
   Jan - So many things, but today I’m grateful that my husband and I enjoy being together!
   Everything, having a family, a house and being alive. Airen age 11
   “My family, a place to live, and food.” Aaron age 10
   I’m thankful for life, health, strength, family, and most importantly for God’s unconditional love for humanity, TGBATG, Karen 44
   Angie - People who are willing to put themselves at risk for the well-being of others, a healthy family, hardworking people who come together during difficult times, and seeing GOODNESS in people.
   Amy - My 6 year boy’s extra hugs, kisses & I love yous since we are stuck together so much! My teenage daughter’s willingness to help around the house (probably because she is bored - but I’ll take it) 
   Crystal - I’m grateful for God’s gift of eternal life and forgiveness, the choice of repentance, I’m also very grateful for my children and grandchildren. I’m very grateful for my home!
   Rob - Waking up and walking with God. He has truly given me a second chance at life with my kids.
   That we have a house and a roof over our head to be stuck in ....Robin 47
   Carman - That we can work from home!
   Frank -Thankful that God loves me and I know will protect my family from any plague the devil conjures up.........Also on a lighter note , I’m glad they are not hoarding Cheetos or chili 
   Barbara, age 77…Faith and courage. 
   Kyle – age 61 - My family, my church family, this wonderful community and that I am free thanks to our first responders and military. 
   Toni - My children, family, extend family, friends and my community! 
   I’m grateful for you mama, my daddy, my nana, my Mimi, my house, and I’m very thankful for my life and Xbox” -Robbie age 10
   My job more than ever because so many have lost or are losing theirs. My health and the health of my family. My saving grace. Deniese age 45
   Jamie- I am thankful to live in a town where most of my children and grands call home. Also very thankful for my little redhead who checks on me every day!
   Thankful- I have a job, home, health, community and food! Gina 56
   Doug- Thankful for God, for life, for family, and for friends. Everything else is a bonus.
   Sheri - This country coming together in times of crisis!
   Bettye – 78 years old- I am thankful for a great journey in my life, my husband of 57 years, family and most of all Jesus!
   Nurse Staci- thankful to be needed, and that at a time when most are out of a job, my job needs me more than ever. Also incredibly grateful at the timing of my getting into telehealth not even realizing what was about to come.
   Janet- God that is my peace, comfort, guide, Savior, Salvation, my family, church family, home, safe and secure during this weird time in our country.
   Kayla - Toliet paper & paper towels, but most importantly thankful for Jesus who provides me peace.
   Bobbi - I’m grateful for loved ones, my horses and pets, and the wisdom to not mention my age.
   Suzanne - 72. Grateful to the Lord Jesus for loving us, being obedient to the cross for our sins. We are saved by His blood! Praise the Lord
    My salvation, my family and my health. Brenda 66.
   Thankful for being nice to people and making people laugh. Kameron 7.
   Kathy - I’m thankful for a loving God that carries us in times like this. I’m thankful for a kind loving husband that works hard, prays hard and loves others. I am thankful I am blessed with healthily, beautiful children that have grown into kind and thoughtful people. 
   Grateful for small town Texas - Sabrina 39
My family - Braden 12…
   For God, my kids, my grandchildren, life and my sweet special Granddaughter Brianna, my home. Betty 68
   Helyn - That God is the same yesterday, today and forever and his mercies are new every morning!
   That I have my kids under one roof again for a bit. Technology to keep us connected though apart.

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