"Kate Moore also lived in Bay City" By Mary Belle Ingram

   Kate Seaman Moore was born on May 9, 1853, in Clinton, Louisiana.  
   Her father had come from New York and her mother from Mississippi. Kate married Spencer Cone Moore on May 24, 1871.  
   He was a brother of William Erastus Moore, Kate's second husband. Spencer and Kate were married eight years before he died on Jan. 18, 1879, of yellow fever. they had four children, Selkirk Seaman, Oce Anna, David Lewis and Addie May.  
   William E. was born on October 26, 1838, in New Jersey. He had married Mary C. Swift who had died in 1878. He also had four children by this marriage; they were Margaret "Maggie" and Inez and two who died in infancy.  
   On June 15, 1881, William E. and Kate married in Indianola. Their children were Hamilton Cecil, Vera, William Ashby, Winifred and Gladys. 
   Captain William E. and Kate Moore lived in Ashby, Texas, Matagorda County, where the entire family was quite active in the Ashby Methodist Church.  
   After Captain Moore's death in 1902, Kate moved to Bay City where she built a home in 1908, in the 2800 block of Avenue G, two blocks south of the MOPAC depot.  
   She lived there until 1920, when she sold her home to G.P. Hardy Sr. Two of her daughters, Addie and Oce, who lived in the same block, made a home for Kate with them due to her failing health.  
   She lived the remainder of her life with her daughters, sometime with the Bay City daughters and sometimes with Gladys, who lived in Ozona. 
   As we look back to life in the 1880s and 1890s and realize that Kate had 11 children to nurture and care for, yet still had time to be active in the church, as well as see that all her children were in attendance at Sunday services, one marvels at her and the other women of that time for all that they gave that was good and lasting. 
   Kate Moore's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have all been active and devoted members of this First United Methodist Church.  
   Kate Moore died April 27, 1941, and was buried in the Ashby Cemetery beside her husband, William Erastus Moore. 
   Recognized Women of First United Methodist Church, Before 1894 to 1940, Bay City, Texas 

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