Online research reveals story of Swedish brothers role in Collegeport history

   A good example of a family history created with the use of the sites suggested above is the story of the Drott Brothers of Collegeport.   
   With only a few mentions of them in Collegeport history, the following information was found on the internet.  
   Not all searches are this successful, but with some perseverance, amazing treasures can be uncovered.  
   Albin Drott (1880-1965), a building contractor, advertised his services in the Collegeport Chronicle in 1911 and 1912.   
   He was the oldest of three brothers to emigrate from Sweden to the U.S.   
   He left his two parents and six siblings in Sweden on March 14, 1902 and traveled to Essex, Iowa.   
   He apparently worked until he had enough money to send to his brother, Gustaf (1885-1948), for his passage on March 18, 1904.   
   A third brother, Axel (1891-1911), left Sweden on April 7, 1911.   
   No doubt, his brothers provided the funds for his passage.  
   While Albin and Gustaf were living and working as carpenters in Collegeport, they received news that Axel had died in Houston on his way to Collegeport. 

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