Youth soccer hosts at-home, 15-week challenge

   First off, we hope that everyone and their families are staying safe and healthy during this time!
   Considering recent events and the stay at home order BCYSC Board is excited to announce that we have partnered with the Houston Dynamo Academy and Tom Byer to host a free, at-home, 15-week challenge called Soccer Starts at Home (SSAH)!
   The Challenge is intended to inspire and document the development of young players (ages 4-8) utilizing the concepts of SSAH.
   The SSAH philosophy is based on using the critical power of parents during early childhood to encourage children to manipulate a small ball (rather than just kick it), in or around their house.
   Parents are empowered with basic knowledge and spend time with their children while they repeat core moves/skills.
    The child’s interest and motivation build as they receive positive encouragement and successfully achieve tasks.
   Join us in 3 easy steps…
1. Join the #SSAHBayCity WhatsApp Group today! Where you will follow the guidance from BCYSC Board Members and Houston Dynamo Academy Director Paul Holocher as they provide a new skill each week to work on with your kids explained by Tom Byer himself. We will provide positive feedback and tips as you post videos of your child practicing.
   2. Get a soccer ball and find a safe space inside or outside to play.
3. A size 1 ball is recommended for age 4, size 3 is recommended for ages 5-7.
   Be ready Saturday, April 18 to start with our week 1 skill!

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