"Commissioners reopen county’s parks " by: Mike Reddell

   EDITOR’S NOTE: Because of the Bay City Sentinel's early deadlines, we were not able to include our coverage of the May 4 Commissioners Court meeting. 
   This is the article from that meeting.
   All Matagorda County parks – with all social distancing and hygiene practices remaining in place – were opened by commissioners court at its regular meeting Monday, May 4.
   Exceptions to the openings are the county’s community centers and the fairgrounds.
   “I put this on the agenda for you to think about,” County Judge Nate McDonald told the court.
   Commissioners supported the opening, but Precinct 4 Commissioner Bubba Frick said people “are still using the playgrounds” in his precinct.
   Frick asked the parents of those children on the playground “to make sure they’re washing their hands.”
   The vote on reopening the parks was unanimous.
   County Treasurer Loretta Griffin told the court in her monthly investment report that the federal reserve interest rate at one point dropped to zero – but later rose to .12%
   As a result, investment brokers advised Griffin to keep the money in the county’s depository bank, now paying 1.25%.
   That’s more than the investment brokers can offer for now, she said.
   “They’re not offering more,” Griffin noted, adding the brokers say “stay where we’re at.” 
   Under the court’s comments section:
   n McDonald noted Gov. Greg Abbott’s loosening of restrictions on restaurants, theaters and pointed out the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases hadn’t increased over the past few days.
   But, he added, “The important thing is to follow the governor’s emergency order.” 
   The quicker Matagorda County can slow the growth of cases, “the quicker the county can open up,” the judge said.
   n Sheriff Skipper Osborne said “we had a good weekend,” except for a party of Van Vleck kids.
   Osborne said the group was having a party about seven miles up Matagorda Beach.
   The sheriff said the Matagorda Volunteer Fire Department lent their Hummer to reach the party site.
   There, “we broke it up and poured the beer out,” the sheriff said.

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