"Not at all prepared to feel summer’s heat approaching" by: Jessica Shepard

   Look, I don’t know how lucky we are to get these north cool fronts sweeping through our area, but, could they continue all summer?
   Still, I am grateful for and have been enjoying them for the past few weeks.
   I mean, aside from making the pool water terribly chilly, they’ve got no other downsides!
   Even though the first day of Summer is June 20, a lot of our afternoon temperatures are reflecting a heated preview.
   We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.
   In the meantime, I’m trying to make sure and run all my errands in the morning or after the sun sets.
   Which I’m finding it still a bit difficult  to accomplish due to lingering COVID-19 directives and shorter store hours.
   Slowly, but surely, Texas is opening up businesses and relaxing social distancing requirements.
   I’ve noticed it more when I got to the grocery store and see fewer and fewer customers wearing face coverings and having more than one person in tow.
   But, due to my health issues, I’m sticking to wearing my mask and staying six feet away from as many people as possible.
   The only hardest part I see now is keeping it up during the summer months.
   After all, even with just breathing through my nose, all that hot air makes it sweaty under my mask.
   I don’t know how my brother manages his when he’s got a beard underneath his mask.
   That’s got to be sweatier than my face!
   Also, I’ve noticed that when I’m wearing sandals outside in full sunlight, I’m getting tan lines and burning sensations on my toes.
   Does anyone have the same effect from their face masks?
   Will there be mask tan lines this summer?
   I know it won’t be a fashion trend, but it will certainly be annoying to cover up with makeup – should it happen to me at least!
   If anything, that’s another reason to wear sunscreen when you’re outdoors and take other sun-protection measures.
   I still have to remind my mom to put her sunscreen on before she goes outside to tend to her garden or mow or something similar.
   I don’t mind tanning so much as I mind a sunburn; which usually happens before I tan at all.
   I’ve spent numerous weekends as a lobster or overripe red tomato and don’t fancy reliving them again.
   If I can make it through an entire season without getting sunburnt and ending up in pain, then I count it as a good one.
   Even if there’s all sorts of other unfortunate or strange things happening at the same time.
   But, at least mom wears a mask to keep all of the pollen and bugs out of her face – that’s always a plus.
   To be fair, I think she should have been wearing one before COVID-19 became a problem, but, I do feel much better about her wearing one now.
   As it stands, she has one for yard work and one for other, less-grassy work or errands.
   And we make sure to sanitize them between uses!
   Outside of that, the only other worry for summer I see is the sheer uncertainty – no one knows what will happen next.
   But, you can be sure that we’ll be keeping you informed with the facts and hoping for the best outcome possible. 

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