"Judge mixes positive in EOC reports; Mayor notes gun violence" by: Mike Reddell

   Monday’s Emergency Operation Center (EOC) update was largely built on Gov. Gregg Abbott’s press conference earlier that day.
   I posted the Texas Tribune’s solid coverage of Abbott’s Monday, May 18, remarks on Page 6 in this week’s edition. It has the full details of Abbott’s latest reopening measures.
   Given that COVID-19 continues to infect thousands, there’s a major cautionary note to follow established guidelines for personal health protection attached to Abbott’s ambitious reopening of Texas.
   Fortunately, Abbott and local officials continue to stress the need for hygiene and social distancing.
   County Judge Nate McDonald always tries to mix the positive with the pandemic reports of cases, recoveries and deaths.
   As of presstime Tuesday morning, Matagorda County had 66 positive COVID-19, 37 full recoveries and five deaths. There are 10 pending cases.
   McDonald pointed out there have only been two positive cases reported since May 1.
   “We’re doing all the things you should be doing,” he said. “We’re flattening the curve and making good progress.”
   The judge announced a shift in EOC COVID-19 reporting.
   Instead of the daily reports – McDonald noted COVID updates daily in 65 of the last 66 days – EOC’s reports will come on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
   If there are new cases or major developments, the EOC will, of course, have that news on Tuesday and Thursday, the judge noted.
   The State Department of Health Services is the county’s main partner in providing COVID-19 cases and health protocols, he pointed out.
   In addition, McDonald said EOC also works with Matagorda Regional Medical Center in tracking COVID-19 cases.
   The judge stressed COVID-19 testing continues countywide, including hospitals, clinics and physicians.
   He noted that the state’s mobile testing unit was in Bay City last week, testing 49 people, with just one positive case.
   Mayor Robert Nelson brought up gun violence in his remarks Monday afternoon.
   After all, Bay City has gone through a spate of three fatal shootings and numerous complaints of gunfire – in all parts of the city.
   “Several families are affected and it must stop,” the mayor said about gun violence.
   The mayor spoke directly to those who want to shoot guns.
   “You don’t need to shoot guns in the street. If you know of a shooting range, go there.”
   The mayor then offered a suggestion for property owners who could be interested in opening a gun range business.
   “It’s a perfect business.”
   “The last thing we won’t to do is to lie in bed and worry if I’m going to be the next victim.”
   The gun range idea did appeal to me. 
   I own guns – what, that journalist likes guns?
   And I’d like to shoot them. Even though I live outside of town – the outskirts – I’m loathe to bring out my arsenal and begin blasting away.
   There’s cattle behind us and kids not far away. 

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